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Molly - looking cool!

Like many of us, Molly has found the Spring allergies a challenge this year. She has always been prone to being itchy at this time of year, but this year things are worse. 

She has very itchy eyes, and has been rubbing her eyes with her front paws, causing hair loss and inflammation of the skin around her eyes. To help relieve her discomfort we fitted Molly with some “Doggles” so that when she is out and about her eyes are protected and she cant cause any further trauma. 

We have also started Molly on a new medication which provides excellent relief from allergic dermatitis—Apoquel. 

All in all Molly is so much happier with her new medication and her Doggles—if your canine companion is suffering this year with allergies then please come in for a visit, there are definitely things that we can do to help.


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