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Maggie May - subtle clues

This month we would like to share Maggie May's story with you. 

Maggie suddenly started having some seizures early last year which necessitated doing some diagnostic blood tests to check for underlying problems. The blood tests showed that she had some mild changes in her liver enzymes which we decided needed to me monitored. Fortunately for Maggie May the seizures stopped without the need for medication, however subsequent blood tests showed that the changes we detected were becoming more significant. Our concern was that she had hyperadrenocorticism (Cushings disease), so some additional blood tests were done which confirmed that this was the case. 

Hyperadrenocorticism is an endocrine disease which is relatively common in dogs, and can be treated with long term medication. Maggie has started on medication and has had two follow up blood tests which have shown that she is responding really well to the treatment. It was great to have her in hospital last week and see her looking great and responding to the medication. 

Maggie May's story is a great example of how important regular blood tests are when it comes to the early detection of nasty diseases.




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