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Don't Ignore Lumps

Suzy's story highlights how important it is to have all lumps checked.

Suzy has a history of growing Mast Cell tumors, which are really nasty tumors which can be fatal for dogs. She has already had 3 removed and was cruising along happily when another lump was found on her right foot. It was only noticed because she was stressed with the thunder before Christmas and started licking her feet. 

The lump was tested and found to be yet another mast cell tumor, and because it had been growing in the webbing between her toes it stayed hidden. Suzy was taken to surgery pronto and unfortunately the tumor was more extensive than initially thought and she had to have 2 toes removed. She is recovering really well and the testing on the lump shows that it was all removed and thankfully was only a low grade Mast Cell Tumor.

Good Luck with your recovery Suzy xx




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