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Happy Patients

March 1, 2020


During March we are focusing on creating a positive experience for your dog when you both visit the clinic. We would like to enc… Read more

A Sneaky Disease

March 1, 2020


Addison's disease (or hypoadrenocorticism) is a sneaky endocrine disease that can be confusing as it often mimics other conditio… Read more

Why Blood Tests?

February 1, 2020


Why blood tests? We can examine your pet from the outside, but we don't have x-ray vision and can't "see" what is going on insi… Read more

My Pet is Vomiting - should I be worried?

January 1, 2020


There are many reasons your pet might vomit, and physical obstruction from eating a sock is just one of them! Diseases such as … Read more

Pesky Flies

December 1, 2019


Flies are proving to be a real problem this summer. Populations are at an all time high and these annoying insects can really bo… Read more

Rabbit Myxomatosis Virus

November 1, 2019


Because of the wet conditions we have had during Spring mosquito numbers are very high at the moment and as a result we are seei… Read more

Ditch the Itch

December 1, 2018


Without doubt, the best gift you can give your pet this Christmas is comfort. And we don't mean a king sized bed or a back massa… Read more

Happy Birthday Lara

September 1, 2016


It is always fun to celebrate birthdays at work, and given that Lara reminded us at least two weeks in advance that her birthday… Read more

Congratulations Ellen

July 25, 2016


Please join us in congratulating Ellen on passing her Veterinary Nursing qualifications and becoming a fully fledged and qualifi… Read more

The Biggest Loser Competition

July 15, 2016


Is your cat or dog carrying around a bit of extra weight? Have their appetites and waistlines increased while their exercise tol… Read more


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