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Environmental Enrichment for Cats

Enhancing Quality of Life for your Cat

Providing an enriched environment can increase activity, decrease mental stagnation, and prevent many behavior problems. Cats need mental stimulation. An
enriched environment will give cats the opportunities to create their own positive experiences. 

Vertical Space is highly desirable for cats and increases the overall space available to the cat. Provide cat trees, preferably with hiding spots, cat perches, and shelves. 

Scratching is normal Cat Behaviour. Provide acceptable scratching materials (e.g., scratching posts). To train your cat to use the post, reward with treats and praise. Also put catnip, treats, and toys on or near the post. Scratching posts should be sturdy, and made of materials cats prefer (usually wood, sisal rope, or rough fabric). Locate the scratching post next to a window, sleeping area, or another favorite area. Many cats prefer vertical scratching posts; some prefer horizontal

Keep the Home Environment predictable, but without rigidity or boredom. Make small changes that provide novelty. Studies indicate that cats play best and most often with toys which also use human interaction. Rotated or new toys hold cats' curiosity and interest for longer periods of time. 

To make feeding more natural for your cat:

  • Provide food puzzles, interactive food toys, and/or food balls.
  • You can make homemade food puzzles from a cardboard box or a plastic beverage bottle with holes cut into it.
  • Hide food in different places around the house, and in or around new objects so that cats can "hunt" for their food
  • Boxes, bags, and carriers that are left out provide nice hiding places for cats

Outdoor enclosures provide a safe environment for cats to interact with the outside world.




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