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Special Offer for Seniors - $20 Discount

During June & July we have a special offer for our Senior Patients.

Senior Pets are all pets over 7 years old. As we learn more about the best way to look after our pets and with improved nutrition, pets are now living much longer, healthier lives. But, just as for humans, age does creep up on them too. You may begin to notice that your once-frisky pet seems to have slowed down a bit. Being aware of the natural changes that can occur as your pet reaches his or her golden years, as well as what you can do to help keep your pet as healthy, active and comfortable as possible, can ensure that you both enjoy your pet's life to the fullest.

When a vet examines an animal, they look at and feel the animal's body from the outside, but they can't see into the inside. One of the simplest ways to monitor a patient's health on the inside is with blood testing. Blood tests can show how well the organs are functioning and can pick up subtle changes that might indicate a disease is developing. This becomes especially important as an animal gets older.

You can find more information about staying "Fit 4 Life" on the St Bernards Rd Veterinary Clinic website. As a special offer we are giving a $20 discount off the price of Senior Wellness blood testing for our seniors who visit for a wellness check during June & July 2021




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