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Is Heartworm Prevention Important?

Yes! Heartworm is the most dangerous of all the worms as it can be fatal. 

Mosquitoes spread heartworm larvae and wherever there are mosquitoes, there is the risk of heartworm disease. When the mosquito feeds on your pet's blood, larvae enter the blood stream. These larvae mature into worms that can reach up to an astounding 30 cm in length!

The worms eventually become lodged in your pet's heart leading to heart failure and sometimes death. Dogs are more commonly affected by heartworm disease but cats may also be at risk.

Treatment of heartworm is difficult and dangerous and prevention is better than the cure. Getting your pet started on the right heartworm prevention medication can be confusing, especially with so many choices on the market. To make things more confusing, most of the intestinal ‘all wormer' medications do not prevent heartworm infection.

Research has shown that the annual/yearly Proheart SR12 injection for dogs has the best compliance rates - we give the injection once a year and you don't have to remember to do anything at home. Now that we can also give flea/tick prevention orally every 3 months and intestinal worm prevention every 3 months then you will only need to remember to give your dog parasite prevention at home 4 times during the year, rather than monthly.

Ask us for the most suitable prevention for your pet - we will make sure your pet is protected.

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