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The Biggest Loser Competition

Is your cat or dog carrying around a bit of extra weight? Have their appetites and waistlines increased while their exercise tolerance decreases? Obesity in our furry friends is common and can cause a range of different health issues such as:
Joint disease and arthritis
High blood pressure
Heart disease
Inability to perform natural behaviours and exercise properly
We understand that a lot of owners can struggle with their pet's weight, so during August & September, we are running a St Bernard's Road Vet Clinic's 'The Biggest Loser' competition.
Our 'Biggest Loser' competition is for cats and dogs and will be monitored by our veterinary team through weight loss consults over the 2 month period. The award for biggest loser will be presented to the cat and dog that has lost the most bodyweight at the end of the 2 month period.
Our vets and nurses can create a plan for your pet that takes into account their current and ideal weight, age, breed, dieting and medical history and exercise availability. We will monitor your pet's progress towards their weight goal and make adjustments as needed to help you keep on track. If you think you pet would benefit from being a part of this program please contact our clinic on 8364 4545 to make a time for an initial weight consult with one of our nurses.




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