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Pippa - a Problem with Stones

Last month we shared a story with you about Parker - the "stoned" puppy, and this month we have a story about a beautiful old girl who had trouble with stones of another kind. Pippa came to visit because she was really unwell one Wednesday and it was discovered (on x-ray) that her bladder was absolutely full of bladder stones - over 100 stones of different shapes and sizes.

Pippa was stabilised and taken to surgery to remove the stones - we all got a surprise when we found how many stones she had in her bladder and how unhappy her bladder wall was because of all the trauma the stones had caused. 

Pippa recovered well from the surgery and the stones have been sent to the Hills laboratory in the US for analysis. Once we know the chemical make-up of the stones we can adjust Pippa's diet to help make sure that she doesn't have any more problems with being "stoned".




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