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Ditch the Itch

Without doubt, the best gift you can give your pet this Christmas is comfort. And we don't mean a king sized bed or a back massage! The most simple way to make sure your pet is comfy is to prevent itchy skin. 

Allergies to fleas, grasses, trees, plant pollen, dust mites and moulds as well as certain foods can all set off an attack of the itches. 

Itchy dogs will bite, lick or scratch with their legs whereas a cat will constantly lick at particular areas, causing hair loss. 

Itching quickly leads to self-trauma of the skin and this causes secondary infections that require (expensive) antibiotic treatment.

Top tips for preventing an itch: 

  • Be absolutely vigilant with flea treatment all year round. Fleas are THE major cause of an itchy pet and regular use of a flea treatment is cheaper and easier than repairing the damage. Ask us for the best flea treatment available
  • Keep your pet's skin and coat in top shape to provide a good barrier from allergens - ask us for a premium diet balanced in essential fatty acids 
  • Wash your dog in pet approved shampoo and conditioner - ask us for a recommendation
  • Some pets may find relief with an antihistamine or a medication to help reduce the immune system's response to the allergen - we can provide you with more information so enquire now

If you have an itchy pet at your house call us for advice. We will make sure your pet is as comfortable and itch free as can be! 




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